Our School

THE RAMAKRISHNA VIVEKANANDA VIDYAMANDIR, established in the year 1983 is a residential secondary school for boys. The institution is since then rendering its service with the objective of providing man-making and character-building, assimilation of ideas, bringing forth the nobler instinct in every individual boy.


THE RAMAKRISHNA VIVEKANANDA VIDYAMANDIR founded by Sri Samarendra Nath Kar, a notable educationist, on the ideals of Swami Vivekananda, Gurugriha Vasa form of acquiring knowledge, is truly a right blend between the ancient Gurukul with the modern time. The appropriate environment is ensured in the widespread campus located at calm, pollution free, away from the city hassles on a lush green area, aids immensely in stimulating the minds of the pupils.

THE RAMAKRISHNA VIVEKANANDA VIDYAMANDIR is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education is distinct in producing excellent result at the Secondary level (AISSE) in every subsequent year. Affiliation for Senior Secondary Section has been granted and admissions would commence from the session 2012~2013.


THE RAMAKRISHNA VIVEKANANDA VIDYAMANDIR also prides itself of producing eminent personalities in different sphere of life. All of them bonded together for the cause of rendering their heartfelt service to the mankind through the RKVVM Society.