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Message from the Founder Director :

The Ramakrishna Vivekananda Vidyamandir is the outcome of the integration of the self belief and extraordinary zeal of a man. Born on 23 rd July 1940 in a humble family in Afra – a remote village in Pabna, Sri. Samarendra Nath Kar by his hard work and dedication rose into eminence. He completed his education under lots of financial crisis but was never complaining in nature for his being.

Due to the crisis he had to immediately fall for a job to support the livelihood. While not gaining inner satisfaction from his job he moved frequently from one to the other expecting to quench his satisfaction at the next move. In the due course he was constantly chased by the ideals of Swami Vivekananda which he bore in his subconscious mind. On the final move he decided to pursuit his dream and to give the colour of reality to his long cherished dream.


Sri Samarendranath Kar

(23rd July, 1940 – 22nd December, 1995)

The institution “The Ramakrishna Vivekananda Vidyamandir” was then incepted in the year 1983 with mere ten boys in a rented house at William’s Town, Deoghar. His great mental strength and optimism saw the school through all the hardships in its functioning, identifying each of them as a strength press. The RKVVM steadily grew in its size and was therefore shifted to a much bigger campus at Kunda, Deoghar.

Sri S.N. Kar never allowed any crisis to step into the steady progress of the school. Such was the heart of the man, for him – “Problems were, problems are and problems will be, it is on us to overcome them to the best of our ability.” He dwelled in the present with a clear apprehension of the future. It was only in the year 1988 when the school was shifted to a campus of its own. The foresightedness of Sri S. N. Kar was highly praised which won him lots of appreciators and believers.

The progressiveness of the institution continued under the able leadership of Sri S.N. Kar and  ventually  owering buildings of the school were erected in place of the existing Kuccha buildings. The constant toll on him left his health to suffer the enigma, unfortunately had to depart from his dream in the midway of the success of the institution on 22 nd December 1995 at the age of fifty-five.

A sincere retrospection to the life of Sri S.N. Kar is a great learning for each one of us. His Birth Anniversary and Death Anniversary is commemorated with a great solemnity each year with the idea of infusing the extra ordinary qualities onto the joiners.

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