The Ramakrishna Vivekananda Vidyamandir, provides a complete course of studies in preparation of The All India Secondary and Senior Secondary School Examination of the C.B.S.E., New Delhi. The required changes in the syllabus are brought about from time to time, as per the direction of the Board. Computer, Art & Craft, Music & Dance are also a part of the curriculum. At the Senior Secondary level Bio- Science (PCB) or Pure science (PCM) is offered as a choice for the child. Computer is also provided as an optional subject keeping in view its growing importance and need in the higher studies.


Due care is taken for providing special guidance to the boys for the preparation of IIT/JEE , PMT and other competitive examinations. The faculty at “Ramakrishna Vivekanada Vidyamandir’ ensures that they are not only teach but most importantly motivate each individual child towards the strong character building and goal setting so as to successfully accomplish the goal set by Swami Vivekananda in building a strong nation. Medium of Instruction:- English is the medium of Instruction. English being an universal language gives a wider scope for the boys of different communities to be admitted and thus helping the boys to enter into the field of greater Understanding. Hindi is taught as a compulsory subject. Sanskrit and Bengali are also taught as languages.

At ‘The Ramakrishna Vivekananda Vidyamandir’ we have always stressed upon the changes in the pattern of education to emphasise upon the changes in time and the need of the students as we believe that the School not only imparts knowledge but drives out the excellence in each child. In keeping with the above aim the academic spell for the classes III- X is divided into two i.e:- Term I (April- September) & Term II (October- March) based on the CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation). The Above Curriculum Emphasises on Both Scholastic (Based on Studies) and the Co-Scholastic (based on Co-Curricular activities) areas.

Art & Craft

Art classes are conducted on compulsory basis for the students of Class III- V and forms a part of their curriculum. For the rest of the classes Art & craft camps are organised on regular basis where the boys are taught to prepare different craft items.


Music & Dance:

Music and dance forms a compulsory part of the curriculum. While in music a child has the choice to select from either the vocal or the instrumental part whereas in dance equal importance is given to both the Indian as well as the Western dance forms. The students of classes IX and onwards are exempted from this course.

Physical Training

Regular physical training is conducted by the trained instructors in the form of the morning drill. Yoga also forms and essential part of the physical exercise. Regular exposure to physical activities enables the students to develop the healthy body, improve the stamina and the agility to keep them fit in the long run even after stepping out of the campus. Sufficient number of playgrounds enables ‘



Presence of a huge swimming pool in the school campus has added to the amenities offered in the field of games and sports. Water Treatment plant is also in operation to keep the pool water clean and free of germs. Swimming Classes are conducted under the supervision of Swimming Instructor as per the class schedule.

Literary activities

Events like the Recitations, elocution, extempore, debate, essay writing or other Creative writing events, Poster making, wall magazines etc., are conducted on a regular basis for the boys to boost up their confidence level and to provide the children the needed platform to groom their abilities.


Attitude and Values

Character Building forms the main motto with which the boys are admitted in the institution. The development of the right value and attitude in the framing of a good character is equally given importance in the curriculum. The students are assessed on the basis of their day to day conduct and are graded as accordingly. The day to day assessment even helps to keep a record of a child’s progress and to guide him accordingly.

House System

Subhash, Azad, Pratap and Shivaji are the four houses in ‘Vidyamandir’. Each student is allotted with a house and the various literary and co-curricular activities are conducted on an inter-house basis which decides the scores of each house. The highest scoring house is awarded with The Best House trophy at the end of the academic year.


Games & Sports

A regular physical training is conducted for the proper physical growth by qualified instructors. Yoga also forms a part of the physical training. Regular physical exercises enables the students to develop healthy body, improve the stamina and the ability to keep themselves fit for the task in hand. Sufficient number of playgrounds facilitates Vidyamandir to offer different type of games and sports.

Games like Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Table-tennis are popularly are played at Vidyamandir. The school teams have performed remarkably when and where represented. Frequent conduct of the Inter-House tournaments and Annual School Sports help the students to inculcate self-discipline and develops team spirit, besides developing their skills in the discipline under the guidance of the qualified instructors. Participation of students at games and sports competitions forms a compulsory part of the annual assessment.

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